Settlers began moving into Albany in 1840 with the first family being documented.  Very early in Albany’s history, a Methodist Episcopal class was organized but was disbanded by 1844 when nearly all of the members had moved away.  The town of Albany was formally organized on April 3rd, 1849 and by 1855 the Nichols property was the next site for the organization of the Methodist Episcopal Church.   


During the ministry of Reverend George Tyacke, who arrived in 1882, the Methodist Church on South Mill Street was built.  Ms. Chloe Nichols, even though not a member of the Methodist faith, donated the property for the church.  The entire cost was $4,000 at the dedication on September 24th, 1884 of this new church.  The windows were originally installed as plain glass but in 1890 the frames were removed, sent to Chicago and replaced with cut glass.  These windows are still present today in our current church building.   


From 1910 to 1916, additional renovation projects were completed; including a basement under the church were a community center was created for Sunday School classes as well as church social gatherings.  The red brick parsonage was built during that time as well.  In 1939 the church was designated Methodist, no longer Methodist Episcopal.  The name United Methodist became official in 1969 when Methodists and the United Brethren combined.   


The current church, located on Park Street, was built in 2012 and the first service was held on September 30th, 2012.  The previous church located on S. Mill Street was auctioned and sold at that time.  Many items, such as the stained glass windows, alter and pulpit, cross as well as several paintings were removed and installed in the new church.  




Past Leaders & Pastors

List incomplete


Years listed = Conference Appointment Years starting July 1 – June 30


1842-44 Elder Hussey
              E.W. Allen

1873 -76 Richard Pengilly

1882-1884 George Tyacke

1884- F. Howarthy

1890’s -H.A. Rogers

1897-99- Henry Bruenneman

               Joseph Bartlett

               Frank Atkinson

1902- J.E. Holden

1906-07 – Peter Black

1908-10- Richard Pengilly

1911-14  Fred Jordan

1014- H. Franke

1915- Fred Jordan

1918- Georg Foster

1923-28- Alfred B. Nimz

1929-35- Walter Snow

1936-38- C. Pierstorff

1939- Charles Burdon

1940-42- Samuel Austin

1942-43 – Charles Emery

1944-45- William Grandy

1946- Jack Waldrep

1947-49- Orra Comton

1950- W. Thompson

1951-53- John Wilcox

1954-60 Arthur Willett

              Records show son, Bruce Willett replcing him after his sudden death

1961-62—Warren Davison

1063-64- Thomas Chinn

1965-66- Artz Burton

1067-68- James Gerhardt

1969-73- Oscar Stanke

1974-77- Quentin Miracle

1978-79- Dan Mitchell

1980-82- Marjorie Rice-Myers

1983-85- Patricia Lyon

1986-89- Kay Welsch

1990-91- Laura Kelley

1992-2002- Larry Hakes

2003- Her Yang

2004-05 Ruth Lyons

2006-14 Pat Soddy

2015-16- Brad Mather

2017-Present – Tom Moe