Volunteer Schedule
Liturgist                                                                       Ushers

September                                                             September
4th Sharon Pryce                                                 4th Teresa Brugger & Barb Briggs

11th  Darrell Clark                                                 11th  Todd & Diana Kittelson
18th Jena McIntosh                                             18th Russ & Leigh Whitehead

25th  Wesley Isenhart                                         25th  Dave Gavin & Teresa Bruegger


October                                                                  October

2nd Carol Zach                                                     2nd  Margaret Kauk & Ann Trow

9th Doug Houlberg                                             9th Bruce & Jena McIntosh

16th Ann Trow                                                      16th David & Janis King

23rd  Terrie Blumer                                             23rd Eric & Katie Brugger

30th Leigh Whitehead                                       30th Russ Whitehead & Darrell Clark


YouTube/Power Point                                                 

4th Teresa Brugger

11th  Jena McIntosh/Emily Elmer

18th Teresa Brugger/Bryce McIntosh

25th Teresa Brugger/Sharon Pryce


Please Check the dates. Names may have been changed since last posted.
If you are unable to do your designated Sunday, please contact the church office. 608-862-3206
We need More volunteers for Liturgist, Ushering, YouTube, and PowerPoint. These things are not hard
to do. There will always be someone there to help if you have questions. We really don’t want to burn the
few volunteers we have out to the point where we have no volunteers. The church doesn’t only run-on
monetary contributions but also on giving of your time. Please consider helping in these areas.
Also, if any of the confirmands and High School would like to be added to the volunteer list, please
contact the church office. You would only be scheduled once every other month.